Thursday, 12 August 2010

shabby fabric flower tutorial from Roben Marie-Smith

Oh my goodness just watched a fabulous flower tutorial ... it is using material instead of the usual paper or card ... but it is a look that I really love ... am thinking about making some for Christmas ... maybe to put on Christmas gift bags etc ... if you would like to have a look this is the link

and also thank you to Roben Marie Smith for the tutorial and to Kathleen Mc from Do-crafts for posting the link


coops said...

wow those flowers are stunning.thanks for the link sandy :)

xx coops xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

you are welcome nic ... I am dying to have a go at them but have not got time to start it yet ... ho hum how ever did I have time to go to work eh ??

thanks for popping by

Roben-Marie said...

Glad you liked the video tutorial and thanks for linking me!!

Anonymous said...

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