Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hello and its the weekend again !!

Hello again and its the weekend again !! where ever does the time go ... hope you are all well ... its another yukkie wet and miserable day here so where better to be than in my craft room

had another order for cards from mother - in - law and a couple of cards I had to make for family

this one is for my lovely son and daughter in law

one for my nephew

an order from mother - in - law

an order from mother - in - law

thank you for stopping by hope you all have a super weekend 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

hello there my crafty friends

Hope all is well with you all ... we are fine down ere in Waterlooville ... but it very cold and wet and grey ... so what's new eh ??  I would rather have it cold and bright ... hate the wet weather ho hum ... moan over

here are two little cards made for friends ... both very similar and the same colour too

thank you for visiting ... will pop over and visit you now ... have a good week

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wow I'm back ... at last

ooo had an awful time ... got logged out and couldn't post anything ... then my phone wouldn't talk to my puter !!! ... so frus

I have now had to start scanning my photos again but never mind ... WE/I can work round this little problem ha ha ... blogger cant get me !!

hope you are all well ... bit grey again and I have succumbed to using my tumble dryer ... got fed up with hanging my washing on the line and then bringing it in wetter than when I put it out ... would love a lovely sunny day !!

anyway moans all over here are a few of my cards made recently ... some from my phone and some scanned ...

thank you for visiting xx
from us for our lovely dancer gracie

from great grandma who is 93 ... made by me of course

for a dear aunt going through a difficult time

for a poorly uncle

for my nephews son on his christening day

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Hello my dear crafty friends ... and sorry

I am unable to post photos at the moment ... I need to get dear hubby to have a look at my phone ... it is not talking to my blog for some reason ... ooooooo so frus eh ??

I hope to be back posting really soon

thank you for always visiting and leaving such lovely messages ... and please watch this space

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Oh my goodness ... my lovely granddaughter has her arms full

Our Amazing Grace

Our "amazing Grace" ... with her dance awards ... she achieved ... the  most outstanding all rounder performer,
and an acro award and intermediate ballet award, she lives for dance ... just as her brother lives for football

wow love her to bits ... 

thank you for stopping by and happy new year to you all xx

Friday, 22 December 2017

Hi there happy christmas to you all ... a few little cards

Hi there my crafty friends and happy Christmas to you all  ... things are starting to settle down a bit at last lol ... how are you all doing ...

I have been wrapping all afternoon and that is not the singing sort lol

here are a few cards ... unfortunately I have forgotten to photo most of them ... even the special family ones and they are all packed up now ... silly me

thank you for visiting ... and so sorry I have not visited you all ... but will try harder this week ... hope you all have a super Christmas
Image result for heart                                   Image result for hugs and kisses    

Monday, 4 December 2017

oh my goodness ...

I am so sorry my crafty friends ... been kinda busy as you all are I guess ...

But promise to put some of my Christmas cards on real soon

just added some snow ... hope it works

thank you for stopping by

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Two sister cards today

Hello my crafty friends ...

It is my dear sisters birthday next week so have made her a special card ... have not done the insert yet ... so please watch this space

Also it is dh's sisters birthday at the end of the month ... went a bit silly with this one and not sure if I have fallen out with it (Leonie's) saying ... it took me ages and I couldn't leave it alone ...

I have become addicted to the three little dots that I saw being demonstrated on hochanda ... can you see them ... they are in gold on both cards ... they maybe featured on all my future cards ha ha

anyway here are the cards ...

back of card

inside card

card open

front of card closed

my dear sisters card 

 thank you for visiting ... its been a beautiful day here today ... hope you have seen some sunshine

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Dear hubby's birthday today

Dear hubbys birthday card today ... beautiful day the sun is shining down here in Waterlooville but its a bit colder ... guess November is on the way

here are the two cards I made ... first one is from me and the second one is one I made for his Mum to give him ...

hope you all have a great weekend ...

The do-crafts forum is temporarily closed at the moment and I am missing it ... hope we get it back soon

thank you for visiting and if you can leave a message I will get back to you

Brian was actually a mod and had a vesta and a parker in the day !!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

ooo dont know if you watch hochanda

hi there my crafty friends ... don't know if you watch the shopping craft channel hochanda ... but was watching leoni today ... and she made a card of scraps and scribbled all over it and all over the edges  ... looked good ... 

BUT ... guess what I tried it and yuk !!

YUK !!!
YUK !!

hated how it turned out ... so cut it out very close and stuck it on another craft card
                                                         that's better don't you think !!

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are having a good week ... weather a bit better today