Sunday, 26 July 2015

well hello and it is certainly a wet one here today ... shame

shame because we have had a lot going on this weekend in Southsea its the americas cup race ... but I think it was a total washout ... shame for all the people who arranged it and shame for all the people who had paid for tickets ... ( I was of course not involved in either )

but Kate and William made it and as you can see Kate was not amused lol ...

Kate in Southsea today
anyway on to my cards ... three today from me ... that certainly is good for me ... they are all commissioned cards ...

sorry forgot to scan the inserts ... but the verse in the bottom two cards read ... 

No moving parts, no batteries.
No monthly payments and no fees.
Inflation proof, non-taxable,
In fact, it's quite relaxable.
It can't be stolen, won't pollute,
one size fits all, do not dilute.
It uses little energy,
but yields results enormously.
Relieves your tension and your stress,
Invigorates your happiness.
Combats depression, makes you beam,
and elevates your self-esteem!
Your circulation it corrects,
without unpleasant side effects.
It is, I think, the perfect drug,
May I prescribe, my dear sister...
A Hug!
(and, of course, fully returnable)
Love and hugs from

thought it was rather nice

hope you have all had a great weekend ... and thank you for stopping by

Sunday, 19 July 2015

another little chinese card

another little chinese friend who has a birthday coming up ... just love these images ... they came from cardmaking and papercraft magazine ... which I have a subscription to thank you to my lovely son ...

thank you for stopping by ... have a good week

Saturday, 18 July 2015

three cards at last

hello my crafty friends ... three cards at last ...

wow things are all happening here at the moment ... got to go in for another little op on Monday on my shoulder ... the horrid mole has to be cut again ... well a wider excision ... then I have got a bit of a problem with my foot ... flip me .. it never rains but it pours eh ?? the doc thinks it may be gout ... but I certainly hope not ... it is very swollen and hurts to walk on ... have had a blood test and wait the results ... ho hum ... but all good otherwise

hope you are all well ... and enjoying the weather as I certainly am

so on to my three little cards ... the two cameo cards are made using the stamp that came in the card making and papercraft magazine this month ... just love the stamp

and the chinese one is for my dear chinese friend ... the sentiment can be found her

thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend

Saturday, 4 July 2015

whose a naughty blogger ... me !!! sorry

oh my goodness I cant believe I have not posted any cards ...

so here are two to make up for the missed efforts ... I have been making them its just that I sometimes forget to scan them and post them ... must be more organised ...

happy birthday mother in law

happy birthday Barbara Smith

the card above is for somebody I do not actually know ... I belong to a website called Seletar Secondary School which is a school in Singapore and a guy called Chris Smith posted that his mother who was also in Singapore about the same time as me ... is going to be 90 and would anybody be able to post her a card ... I copied the one below with a couple of additions

and  ... here is it then hope she likes it ...

hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather ... I sure am ... if you care to leave a comment I will visit you ... have a great weekend

Sunday, 14 June 2015

a little card for my chinese friend

hello my crafty friends ... been a bit busy as usual ... hope you are all enjoying this marvelous weather ... I even had a little tidy up in the garden too ... bought some lovely marigolds and they are now waiting for some rain ... oops better now wish for that ...

anyway ... on to my little cards ...

the first one is for a Chinese friend ... was a bit brave with this one and actually stamped straight on to the card blank ... wanted that look ...

she is always in flip flops lol
the next little card is for my "waiting box" ... just loved the little string of hearts ... you can find them here

and the image is from here

oops sorry cant find the right link but this lady is so talented and I am sure you will have fun looking through her blog

a string of hearts

a little Chinese good luck card
thank you for stopping by and if you care to leave a message I will visit you too ...

have a great week xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Just a few little cards

Hello there my crafty friends ... hope you are all well ... still having a bit of a problem with my poorly arm ... but you don't want to hear about that stuff lol

here are a few little cards I have been working on ...

happy birthday to my mother-in-laws daughters boyfriend (phew)

happy christening day to my nephews baby daughter

happy birthday james

happy birthday to my lovely daughter in law from my mother in law

actually made an envelope toooo !!

thank you so much for stopping by ... and if you care to comment I will visit you xx

Friday, 29 May 2015

had a bit of trouble my crafty friends

sorry not to have been about ... had a bit of trouble

had a nasty mole removed last week ... and have had a bit of a poorly arm ... waiting to have the stitches removed in one week ... but don't get the results of the biopsy for six weeks ... ooo so long to wait ...

anyway feeling a bit better now at least the dressing is off and I can use my arm properly ...

just wanted to share a couple of little cards ...

first one is for my nephew ...

happy birthday to my nephew

insert for matt

sorry the insert has scanned a bit rubbish ... hope you can read it ... the image is a real cutie and came from here

or here ...

the second card is for his Dad ... my brother in law

happy birthday fred

thank you for stopping by ... hope you have a great weekend

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

been away ...

hello my little crafty friends ... well I been MIA again ... but there is a very good reason for it this time ...

We have been on a cruise ... it was absolutely amazing ... more about it later ... this is the ship ...

Royal Caribbean explorer of the seas
 but  just wanted to post a couple of little cards first ...

hope you are all well ... so glad we came back when we did on Monday 4th May because the weather has been horrendous and would not have liked to be sailing on the "high seas" lol

I will get some photos ready and post again with all the cruise detail

happy birthday to a great Auntie

insert for Auntie Audrey

birthday card for my lovely son the golfer but he also likes fishing

Sunday, 19 April 2015

and here she is again

ooo just love this little image ...

have had a super time with colouring her in ...

and what an honour that Heather who designed this little Rory daisy has actually posted in my previous post ... ooo how chuffed am I

no sentiment again as it is "to be decided"

thank you for stopping by ... and have a great week

Saturday, 18 April 2015

freebie digi alert :)

well hello there my crafty little friends ... hope you are all well ...

sorry I have been MIA (again) lol ... but always love catching up with you all when I can

Just wanted to stop by and tell you about a little freebie that I found in my "cardmaking and papercraft magazine that pops through my door every month (thanks to my lovely son)

you can find her here ...


or visit

have fun searching xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

well hello ...

oh my goodness cant believe I have made some cards ...

my lovely grandchildren are away in a caravan this week and I am missing them ... so thought I would make them a little card to say welcome home ...

when I was looking after them last week Gracie picked up the mail and said "oooo its always for Tournebury Golf Club (Daddys shop) ... so thought I would make sure she had some mail to come back toooooo ...

btw the little girl with the skipping rope on Gracies card can be found here ... isn't she a darling ??

thank you for stopping by and if you care to leave a message I will get back to you ...

Monday, 16 March 2015

two little cuties ...

Hello my crafty friends ... hope you all had a super mothers day yesterday and got thoroughly spoilt  ... it was a little sad for me without my dear Mum this year but we took some daffs over to the crematorium for her ... 

and so on to my cards ... just love this little image ... was inspired to use it by my lovely grandson Olly needing glasses for the first time ... boy was he excited ... not like the "olden days" when children wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of glasses ...

glasses are now a fashion statement I guess lol ...

oh sorry btw I could not find a boy in glasses but this could be his sister Gracie coz she has decided she needs an eye test and may need glasses (her words)

 the image is from here ... isn't she a cutie ??

have not put any sentiments on them yet ... they will go in my "ready and waiting" box !! lol

dont know if you can see but I have a slice taken out of the right hand side of both cards ... makes them a little different ... saw this on create and craft today ...

and here is my lovely grandson Olly ...

thank you for stopping by ... and if you care to leave a message I will visit you too xx

Thursday, 12 March 2015

three cards for mother in law ...

hi my crafty friends ... just had a request to make three cards for my dear mother in law ... I think she realises that I am a bit upset this weekend ... the first Mothers day without my dear Mum ... so she is trying to keep me busy lol

hope you all have a super mothers day ... here are my cards

for mother in laws grandson (my lovely son) the golf professional

for Carol mother in laws friend

for Jean mother in laws friend

the bottom two cards were made with the freebie papers from the cardmaking and papercraft magazine issue 141 this March ... rather nice ... I enjoyed using them and plenty left ... I may upload them to their website ... see if I can get them published lol !!!

thank you for visiting me today and if you leave a message I will visit you toooooo xx

Monday, 9 March 2015

red nose tea shirts designer label lol ...

hello my crafty friends ... been MIA again ... sorry ...

Had Gracie and Ols (our lovely grandchildren ) for the day on Saturday ... hm ... what to do when no cards to make ...

well lets design and make our own red nose tea shirt ...

think they are brilliant and they loved making them ... not sure if they will wear them to school on Friday tho !!

hope you are all well and keeping warm ...

thank you for stopping by ... have a great week