Tuesday, 12 August 2014

just catching up ... ;)

have been busy making a few cards for the tea shop ... so thought I had better scan them to show all you lovely ladies what I have been up to ...

here are a few to be going on with

thank you for stopping by my crafty friends ... if you have time to leave a message I will return the visit ... hope you are all having a great week

Monday, 28 July 2014

hey how about this then two posts in one week ... what a good little blogger I am :)

wow can't believe I have got two posts this week ... I have got so many cards to make so thought I would share them with you all ... my lovely friends

the first one is for my lovely nephew to welcome him home from his honeymoon in Thailand

welcome home

and the second one is a little bright birthday card for a dear friend of mine ... she is chinese and always in flip flops

happy birthday Celia
hope you are all having a great week and have avoided the awful rains my sister had in Worthing this morning ... we had a bit of a down pour about an hour ago but actually it was nice and it has cooled things down a bit ...

thank you for stopping by and if you leave a comment I will return the visit

Sunday, 27 July 2014

three little thank you cards ...

well here I go again my little friends ... more thank you cards

I must have got a lovely lot of friends helping me out coz I am always sending thank you cards

hope you are all having a great weekend ... and have a great week

oh and thank you for stopping by ... it you care to leave a message I will happily return the visit

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

two little photos ...

hi my crafty friends ... hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful weather because it is all about to change ... ooo it is such a shame because my lovely nephew and his fiance are getting married on Saturday and we have just looked at the weather and they are forcasting ... horrendous storms thunder and lightening ... the lot ... ooooo but we will still enjoy ...

here is the little card I made for them ...

happy wedding day Matt and Heather
also the next card is for my lovely daughter-in-law Sally who has a birthday on Friday this week ... she is a darling and just like a daughter ... I made the card using the tagxedo website and actually "daughter-in-law" didn't come out right ... so she is meant to be "my daughter" lol ...

happy birthday Sally

hm ... I have been experimenting ... I used to scan my cards but this time I used my camera ... not sure if I like it ... looks a bit small ... thank you for looking anyway ... if you like to leave a comment I will visit you tooooooo ... have a great week

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hello my dear friends and thank you for stopping by ... we have had a bit of rain today ... and I must say it is quite welcome and I also got my ironing done whilst it was a bit cooler ...

hope you are all having a great weekend ...

my little card is for my dear son Kevin the golf professional ... he has just passed his "degree" in golf ... ooo cant remember the proper name for the qualification and he never dreamed he would have to go to college to take exams lol ... but its all over for him now and he can breath again ...


ooo btw ... I am off to a  craft show tomorrow in Portsmouth ... I went last year and had a great time ... anyone else going ... would love to meet up ...

hope you all have a great weekend ...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

happy birthday to my dear Mum's friend

was sorting through a few of Mums little bits and found a little note to say it is her friends birthday on July 3rd ... so thought I would make a little card for her ... she actually has Motor Neurone Disease and unfortunately is now confined to a wheelchair ... she was a very good friend to Mum and Mum to her ... so she certainly deserves a little card

hope you have had a great week ... and have a great weekend my dear friends ...

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

sorry I have been MIA ... a few little cards ...

hi my dear friends ... sorry I have been MIA ... been very busy getting Mums flat up together for selling ... its a lovely ground floor flat in a smart gated area in Southsea ... if anyone is interested lol

anyway on to my little cards ... the first one has quite a story behind it lol ... my dear sister and I decided we need to get net curtains for Mums flat because as it is ground floor we were worried about security and were keeping the main curtains (Laura Ashley btw !!) closed but it was looking very sad so my sister got the nets and we went down at the weekend to put them up ... each curtain was tied with a lovely piece of net ribbon ... and I said well you can guess what I said "I could make a card with that " so I did and am about to send it to my sister lol

little card for my dear Sister

btw ... the nets are called Alice and that was our grandmothers name ... so we think Mum would approve

the next card is for my dear sister in law who is moving at the weekend ...

happy moving day Sheila

the next card is for my mother in law to give to her great grandson who is going to be 5

happy birthday James

and the last one was a bit of a rushed one and involved a bit of cheating as I needed a card in a hurry so cut a smaller one up that I had in my "waiting box" and pasted it to a larger card stock ... oooo us crafters are a crafty lot aren't we

happy birthday GG 

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are all having a great week ... promise to visit you if you care to leave me a note

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

happy birthday matthew ... my nephew

hi my dear friends ... hope you are all having a great week

I have made this little card for my dear nephew for his birthday on Friday ... he and his future wife (getting married in July) are honeymooning in Thailand so thought this card would be a good send off

thankyou for stoppng by if you would like to leave a message I will visit you toooooo :) xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

sorry its late

sorry its late ... I promised in the post below to show you some of the bits that I got in the charity shop along with the buterfly stamp ... wow been so busy have not had time ... good job we don't have to go to work tooooo lol

anyway here are two little cards I have made using some of the backing papers that were in the folder
Also in there were lots of vinyl coated stickers (see picture ) two sheets of summer time beach stamps some vellum sheets and some epoxy brads ...
As you can see they seem to be from "Abi's crafts" but I cant seem to find them ... when I google it directs me to Abi Titmus ... so I am giving up on that one
the two cards I have made are using toppers from the June making cards magazine

ps the see through folder that held all my crafty bits cost all of £3 ... amazing !!

anyway off to Winchester for the day tomorrow with my dear sister ... we have an appointment at the Probate office to swear on oath ... ooo scary ... never done that before ... but hopefully the probate will soon be sorted ...

hope you all have a great week

Monday, 26 May 2014

what a yukkie day !!

hello my crafty little friends ... hope you have had a good bank holiday weekend ... its been an awful day here today ... don't think it has stopped raining all day ... so didn't go out just got stuck in in the craft room

it sure has been worth it ... I have had great fun playing with some of my crafty finds ... oops sorry ladies I found two bargains in the charity shop yesterday ...

one was a lovely large butterfly stamp ... I have no idea where it is from it was already mounted on a plastic mount so didn't really know what it said until I got home and stamped it out ... anyway it was £1.50 so worth the risk ... and I love it ... have made two cards to show it off

this is the stamped image to show you

green butterfly card

pink butterfly card

not sure what a collection of butterflies is called maybe a flutterbye ...

anyway tune in tomorrow to see my other buy ... cant do it tonight coz its BGT and Corrie and probably stenders too ... oooo who says I am a couch potato lol

Friday, 23 May 2014

wow what a miserable day :(

but I have some bits to play with so I am going to be busy in my craft room

went to the market today and called into wilkinsons ... they have a lot of crafty bits that I have not noticed before !! so had a little spend up

here is a card I made using my buys

a little card I made ... I stamped a birdcage on top of the page

small stamps £2.50 including two small ink pads... love those little birdies

a page out of the memo pad with has 150 sheets £2.50

thank you for stopping by hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend

Thursday, 22 May 2014

got some bits and pieces from a charity shop ...

hello my lovely friends ... hope you are all keeping well ... I went shopping and bought a few little bits from a charity shop ... so set about making a few little just in case cards

wow where did that week go !! ... its tgif tomorrow ... and its a bank holiday for all those lucky workers ... enjoy

Monday, 19 May 2014

It is Dad's birthday today ...

bit of a sad day today ... it would have been my dear Dad's birthday ... but I expect he is having a bit of a knees up with my dear Mum ... have put a chinese "dad" character on my side bar as we all love chinese ooo maybe they can have a chinese take away ... what do ya think my dear friends

this way to see the chinese man

Right, Arrow, Shapes, Purple, Free, Pointing, Arrows

Friday, 16 May 2014

happy birthday fred (bil)

hello my dear friends ... what a beautiful day today ... warm and sunny all day ... wow we are being spoilt ...

thank you for stopping by ... would like to show you my little card I have made from my brother-in-law ... they are jetting off to Malta for their hols ...  it is a usual destination for them ... they love it so decided on a little flying card ...

am taking my granddaughter and grandson Grace and Olly to their summer fete tomorrow as Mummy and Daddy are off to "race a car" ... a birthday present for Daddy ... I will enjoy the fete as they have a maypole and a singing period ... ooo I love a good sing song

hope you all have a great weekend too 

happy birthday BIL