Saturday, 21 May 2016

oh goodness ... very sad time ... auntie audrey passed away yesterday

oh goodness ... very sad time ... Auntie Audrey passed away yesterday ... but we feel like we have got our life back ... sorry that may sound a bit harsh but we seem to have missed about 3 weeks of our life

rip dear Auntie Audrey

so now have a backlog of cards to make and the first ones are mens !! ...

happy birthday brother in law

happy birthday nephew 

thank you for stopping by and so sorry I have not been visiting you ... hope to catch up soon ... sorry I have not blogged for so long that I cant remember how to get rid of those flippen gaps ... ho hum xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

happy 90th birthday dear Auntie Audrey

hello there my crafty friends ... sooooo sorry I have been MIA ... wow what a time we are having ... 

Had a little party in the hospital for dear Auntie Audrey on Sunday to celebrate her 90th ... she was asleep most of the time but woke and smiled at us ... think she knew were were all there ... 

there was 17 in that little room at one time ... and boy was it hot in there  ... 
lots of balloons and banners etc ...

here is the little card/book that I made her

page 1

page 2

page 3 Auntie Audrey a few years ago in our garden

I think she was "holding on" for the party and the trouble is ... since her party two days ago she has gone rapidly downhill ... she was supposed to be being moved to a nursing home yesterday but it was decided that she is too ill to move ... we don't expect her to be with us past the end of the week and don't really think she knows where or who she is at the moment anyway ...

then we had an accident on the way home in the car ... flippen taxi driver drove straight into us on a roundabout ... he was going one way and then decided to change his mind ... oooooo now we have to have a fight with the insurance company ... not our fault but guess they will say otherwise !!
the driver was a foreign gentleman and could hardly speak english ... we have now invested in a dash cam ... bit late but better late than never I guess ...

oooooo sorry to have a big moan !! things can only get better can't they ?? 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

not a good time at the moment !!

Our poor dear Auntie Audrey is proper poorly ... she is in St Richards Hospital in Chichester at the moment ... and has been told (but not sure she is taking it in) that she is terminal stage 4 ... which basically means she may not be with us for much longer ...

auntie audrey a few years ago

It will be her 90 birthday on Sunday and we have planned a big family party ... not sure how this is going to work ... the hospital have told us she may be able to get home for the day ... but as she cannot walk or support herself in bed not sure at all about it ... have got to have a talk with the ward and also patient transport to see if it is safe ...

so keep your fingers crossed for us please ...

also my dear friend has just lost her brother ... they were very close ... so have made her a little card

thank you for visiting ... and hope you are all having a better time than me lol

Thursday, 21 April 2016

my lovely son's birthday card

ooo cant believe my lovely son ... the youngest is 43 !! ... wow makes me ancient lol

he is a professional golfer and I have "worn out" my golfie bits for cards so decided to make him a fishing card ... coz thats another of his hobbies ... yes golf is not only his work but it is his hobby too ... nice eh to enjoy your job that much ... anyway here is his card

thank you for stopping by if you have time to leave a message I will visit you too ... hope you are all having a great week ... tgif tomorow

btw thought I would embarrass him on facebook ... here are the photos !!

kev as a babe

kev with his big bro

Sunday, 3 April 2016

oh my goodness ... I have actually made a card !!

so sorry my crafty friends but we have been very busy (as you all are I know) ... Auntie Audrey from Bognor is very poorly and we have been visiting and sorting her "stuff" ...

also it is the grandchildrens half term (as you all know) and we don't seem to have had time to turn round ... blooming good job we don't have to go to work too

anyway here is my first card for quite a while ... its a happy birthday to a friend of mother-in-law.

happy birthday Jean

hope you all had a great weekend ... weather here has been super

if you care to leave a message I promise to visit you ... cant say when it will be but ... I will return your visit

also here is a little snap of my grandchildren at the beach ... wish I could do that lol xx

Thursday, 24 March 2016

faux wooden toppers

hi there my crafty friends ...

don't know who demonstrated this but saw it on create and craft or hochanda ...

it is a piece of white card and you drag an ink pad over from side to side slightly raising the pad as you start pulling it ... ooo hope that makes sense ... basically you are just dragging one edge right over

thought it was rather interesting ... the ink pads I have used are Tim Holtz Ranger ink pads weathered wood and vintage photo ...

hope you can understand my garbled instructions ... I hope to make some mens cards with these toppers

happy crafting and love

Friday, 4 March 2016

its gonna be a bit of a sad weekend :(


oh dear Mothers day ... awfully sad when your Mum is no longer here ...  next month on the 4th April it will be two years since she passed away ... and of course Mothers day is still very painful

made a little card for my dear Mother-in-law who is a darling and always gets me to make all her cards for her ... she is a proper poorly 92 year old and so is great Auntie Audrey (her sister at 90 this year) ... she has just been diagnosed 4th stage cancer of the gall bladder and they are talking about  palliative care and hospices ...

sorry its a wee bit sad here but here is my card for Mother-in-law

sorry forgot to scan the insert but here is the verse ...

A Mum like You
It means so much
throughout the year
to have a mum like you
you're loving, warm and caring
very understanding too.
That's why this message
comes with thanks
and lots of special love.
To wish you all the happiness
you're so deserving of.
Loads of Love and hugs

thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a super weekend with your Mums ... the one good thing is that I will have my lovely family joining me on Sunday ...

I have posted my card again underneath as some of my friends said they couldn't see it ... not sure why ... so will try again xx