Wednesday, 23 September 2015

two new cards

wow had a very lucky find in a charity shop ... and love it ...

it is the large rose background stamp
this one is on ebay for $14.95 that's for all the stamps tho ... mine was £1.50 ...

Large Delta Rose Flower Stamp 3321R & Hero Arts Watercolor Flower Set of 3

here is a scanned picture of it

ooo I just love a bargain don't you ?

had great fun making these two little cards ... they are just for my "waiting box "...
hope you are all having a great week ... cant wait for Corrie tonight its a live episode ... I know how to live don't I lol

oh nearly forgot my little cards ...

weathered wood background

victorian velvet background

sorry they are a bit dark ... using my new phone coz they were too large to scan and it was a bit dark on the windowsill ... thank you for looking

Thursday, 17 September 2015

two september birthdays ...

wow two dear friends both have september birthdays and I nearly forgot them both !! ... either an age thing of a blonde moment I guess ...

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are having a great week

Monday, 14 September 2015

Ollys birthday tomorrow :)

Oh my goodness can't believe my youngest grandson (well the only grandson lol) is 8 years old tomorrow ... he is a football fanatic and at the moment he is playing for Widbrook United the team his daddy played for when he was younger ... he is actually playing for the under 10's as he is THAT good lol ...

anyway here is his little card ... oh btw we couldn't get his present yet as it has not been released yet ... so made him a little gift card ...

olly's birthday card

insert for card

a little gift card

insert for the gift card

thanks for stopping by ... wish the rain would go away !!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

ooo its Sunday ... where did that week go !

ooo its Sunday again ... where did that week go then ??

had a big order this week ... hope you have time to look at my cards ... and if you can leave a comment I will visit you too ...

hope you have all had a great weekend ... weather has been better ... wonder what we have in store for next week ...

Friday, 4 September 2015

happy birthday dear Mum

just wanted to pop a little post on today ... coz it would have been my lovely Mum's birthday

she has been gone for 17 months and I miss her sooo much ...  I lit a candle earlier

this photo is a true likeness to her ... and the comfort that I am getting it that she is "up there" with

my dear Dad and my lovely younger sister who died at the age of 19 following a tragic car accident ...

thank you for stopping by ... hope you all have a great weekend

thank you for the lovely poem Lorna

Friday, 28 August 2015

wow its Friday again ... a little birdie card

wow its Friday again my crafty friends ... and that is another week gone ...

made this little card but don't have a reason  ... just wanted to have a little play

have you been watching the new craft channel ... saw the launch at midday on Thursday ... quite impressed ... lots of demos are promised and its nice to see something new ...

lots of the guests are previously from Create and Craft so not sure if that means they wont be on there anymore  ... Barbara Grey was on there ...

Dawn Bibby has announced that she is joining the other new channel the craft channel which starts in September ... nice to have a bit of a choice when we are viewing eh ??

hope you all have a great weekend ... ooooo nearly forgot my little card

thank you for popping by xx

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

and its another little post card card ...

sorry its another little post card card from me today ...
ooo I am a bit addicted to these post cards ... love using them ... and as I don't know who or what it is for I have left the sentiment off ... it will sit in my "waiting box"

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are not toooo wet ... it does not seem to have stopped for days ... my poor family are camping in Weymouth ...

another little post card card
have a great week

Sunday, 23 August 2015

get well soon

oh dear poor Iris ... mother in laws friend has had a little fall and is in hospital ...

so what do we do ?? ... well we make a card of course ...

thank you for stopping by ... and having a peep ...

yukkie day here rain rain rain and my poor son and his family are due to go camping for the week ... flippen weather eh ... mind you they have a tent the size of an ark so guess they will still have fun

and here is the little card

hope you are all having a great weekend and don't forget to take your brolly xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

and here is my lady bug card :)

well just couldn't resist a pretty pink bug card ...

are butterfly's bugs ... hope so

thank you for stopping by ...

Monday, 17 August 2015

caught a bug ...

wow just had to have a little go at one of these cards ... first saw it on facebook then discovered it was created by the lovely vicky ... so I emailed her to ask her if she would mind if I used the inspiration ... and here is it

well two actually ...

bug card with front flap closed

bug card with front flap open

another little bug card 

here is the link to have a look at vickys beautiful card

may even have to make a feminine card ... so please watch this space xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

wow its Friday again ... where has that week gone !!

cant believe it is Friday again ...

have had great fun in my craft room this week ... couldn't go far with my poorly foot (don't like this getting old stuff !!)

anyway thank you for popping by ... hope you all have a great weekend

happy birthday to our lovely grandson Olly a footie fan

a new home card for my nephew and his wife
a birthday card for my granddaughter Amy (who we dont see anymore unfortunately)

a little spare card ... but love using this image so just had to go for it !! lol

Thursday, 6 August 2015

seem to have a little time to myself

hm ... wonder what has happened ... see to have a little time to myself ... probably find out later that I have forgotten something ...

anyway decided to make a little card ... just love this little girlie ... it will go in my waiting box

hope you have all had a good day and thank you for stopping by

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

a little "cheer up" card for my dear friend

Oh dearie me ... my poor friend is having a bad time at the moment ... so thought I would make her a little card ...

just love this little bike ... also wanted to try out something with tags ... saw it first on Lorna's blog

I do not have a die cutting machine so my tags are handmade ... and not quite so good but only a crafter would notice I think ... lol 

thank you for stopping by and hope you are all having a great week

a little card to cheer Anne up

just love this little verse

oh and I had my stitches out yesterday ... so my arm is feeling much better ... thank you for all your lovely messages ...

Saturday, 1 August 2015

a little card for my dear sister

my sister has gone off on her hols ... so had to make a card to say welcome home ...

just love these little beach huts they came from here if you would like to see them

had to do some bunting at the top because my sister makes bunting ... but not the paper kind

hope all is well with you all ...

got to have my stitches out of my arm on Monday so hopefully will be a bit better ... also just had

osteoarthritis diagnosed in my foot ... flip me ... this old age is creeping up on me lol

oops nearly forgot to put the card in ... and that's another old age thingie ... memory lol

have a great weekend ... off to do a bit of blog hopping on the do-craft site