Tuesday, 24 February 2015

helloooo there ... tis me ... lol

wow I am back and good news we have sold and completed on our dear Mums flat ... feels kinda strange to think of other people in there ... but they are very nice and I hope they will be as happy as our Mum and Dad were when they first moved in ...

and on to my cards ... at last I can make cards again !!! ... had a bit of a lull on making them sorta lost my mojo as they say ...

thank you to all of you who have continued to stop by and leave such lovely comments ...

two cards for my granddaughter Chloe who we do not see anymore ... you all know the story ... but I keep sending cards on birthday and at Christmas ... never know if she likes them or not obviously and as I don't really know them anymore I don't really know what her likes are ... ho hum ... I try my best

 the flower on this card is a brown poundland special ... but I have glossy accented it ... never used this before but got it from the craft show I went to in Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago ... very pleased with the result ... it is a bit like enamel

the back of the card is a recycled hand made by tag ... and I was looking for a little bit of black ribbon ... sat next to me on the radiator (drying off) was an M&S blouse  ... so the label came off pretty quick ... nice little bit of ribbon eh ??

hope you are all having a lovely week ... promise to visit you if you leave a message ... and hopefully will catch up with you all soon xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 February 2015

well we are keeping everything crossed !!!

think we have finally done it ...
sold our dear Mums flat ... it is exactly 1 year since we first put it on the market when Mum was taken into hospital ... and we have accepted an offer from a lovely couple who I am sure Mum would have loved ...

we have exchanged and are completing on Friday 20th Feb ... so had to make them a little card ... well it would have been rude not toooooo !!! lol

a little birdie card

the insert ... hope they love the flat as Mum and Dad did
thank you for stopping by and if you care to leave a message I will visit you too ...

have a great week ... cant wait till Friday please keep everything crossed for us xx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

oh dear that little cookie took a bite out of my finger !!

oh dear got a bit of a poorly finger today ... I was having great fun playing with little cookie she is such a darling (see my side bar) but when she was playing she caught my little finger and I pulled it away and yuk ... had to visit the GP ... had a tetanus jab and now on antiobiotics ... so made the nurse who dressed my finger a little card ... as she saw me without an appointment ... great service from my surgery and you should always say thank you dont you think !!

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are all well ... flippen freezing still down here in the South

thank you kind Nursie

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

been nominated !! oh flip :)

my dear friend Jackie has nominated me on facebook to show cards for 5 consecutive days ... oooo its hard coz most of the cards I make are for people who use facebook so they may see the cards before they see them if you know what I mean ...

ho hum ... well here are three that I have already put on ... 2 more days to go ... would any of you lovely ladies like me to nominate you !!!!!!

thank you for looking and if you would like me to nominate you just let me know xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

three little cards at last

wow busy busy with the selling of my dear Mums flat and no time for myself ... but had a plea from mother in law ... for three cards sooooooo here they are

hope you are all well and keeping warm ... flippen freezing down here in Portsmouth ...

thank you for stopping by ... and if you can leave a message I will visit you too ...

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

right I think that is it for now ... on the blog design ... now a couple of little cards at last

made this little doggie card for my lovely granddaughters birthday tomorrow ... she is puppy mad as you can probably guess ... you can see "cookie" in my side bar ... actually it is more of a little book than a card ... cant wait to see her tomorrow ... ooooo love her to bits

the second card is for a dear friend of mine for her birthday ... we used to work together but now we are both retired ... its a big birthday but didn't want to put the age on the card ...

thank you for stopping by and if you care to leave a comment I will visit you too ...

Monday, 12 January 2015

looking for a new look for my blog

hm ... do I really want to do this lol ...

yes gotta coz Christmas is over now and have to look for a new look ...

please watch this space my lovely crafty friends


ps ... well thats a start ... kinda like it but a bit more work to do on it ... 

actually makes me feel a bit summery ... hope you like it toooo xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

panto fun

wow had a super time at the panto with my lovely grandchildren ... Gracie and Ols ... it was Snow White and the music was very "young" if you know what I mean ...  we had "happy" and "all bout my face" ... music that the youngsters knew ...

we got pelted with a water gun which Ols loved of course ...

have not been to a panto for years but Gracie won the family ticket by entering a competition in a local magazine ... http://www.stay-local.co.uk/and we will certainly look forward to next year

Friday, 2 January 2015

happy new year to all my crafty friends and a new little puppy

Happy New Year to all my crafty friends ... hope you had a super Christmas and a great New Year  ...

guess its all over now ... well just one more exciting thingie tonight ... My lovely granddaughter won 4 tickets to a panto ... Snow White ... and I have been invited how wonderful ...

oh by the way she has a new little English Springer Puppy ... it was NOT a Christmas present tho !!

here she is with her brother and little "cookie"

Gracie Ols and little cookie

little cookie @ home

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Poor Pauline ...

my dear friend has just lost her Mum ... she died on the 21st December ... so very sad and such a hard card to make ... I decided not to put a sentiment on the front of the card ... and then had a bit of a brainwave and put it on the back cover ... well its different anyway

thank you for stopping by ... hope you have all had a super Christmas ... it was my birthday yesterday so am still in a bit of a spin ... Christmas and Birthdays are all a bit much ... think I will be like the Queen and have an unofficial birthday in the summer ... or maybe not coz I will get old pretty quick lol

Monday, 22 December 2014

well hello there my little friends ...

sorry I have been mia ... wow don't know where the time goes ... I will try to catch up with you all real soon ... have been busy with the selling of our dear Mum's flat ... and although I don't want to talk about it yet (tempting fate n all dat !!) but hopefully things are going well

It is going to be a bit of a sad Christmas this year ... but I just keep thinking ... I would not want Mum to be here if she was suffering ... Last Christmas day was very hard ... having the family to cook for and all I could think about was that I had to get round to see Mum ... so although I am going to miss her like .... oooooo everything ... I would not want her to be here if she was the same as last year

hope you all have a great Christmas

Monday, 10 November 2014

baby girl cards ...

ooo so nice to have a break from christmas cards ... my nephew and his wife have just had a baby girl ... Isla ... lovely name ... so made a card for the family and one for my dear sister and her hubby ... first granddaughter

thank you for stopping by ... hope you are all having a great week

card for the grandma and grandad

card for Mummy and Daddy

oh btw the ribbon on my sisters card said "all my love" ... so I put a little "our" across ...
clever eh LOL !! :)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

two little cards ... sister and sister-in-law

Hello my crafty friends ... hope you are all well into the christmas card rush I know I am lol ... but had to have a little break from them coz had to make these girlie cards ... the two little girlie one is for my dear sister and the chinese one is for my dear sister in law ... made a change from the christmas rush ... have a great weekend everybody its nearly here ... :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

oh dear I forgot

oh dear I forgot my dear sisters wedding anniversary ... never done that before and don't "you" feel bad when it happens ... she has jetted off to Malta for a week so I made her a special wedding anniversary and welcome home card ... so where could you buy one that says that eh ?

hope you all had a great tgif and thank you for stopping by xx