Saturday, 18 October 2014

three little christmas cards ... well its a start

well I have made a start at last

just love this little girlie ... you can take her home if you would like to visit here

I just think she is such a cutie ... and she has many coats lol 

Friday, 17 October 2014

tgif my little friends

not a card yet ... but wait for it ... I have started on my Christmas cards at last and hope to be posting some over the weekend ...

hope you all have a great weekend please pop back again if you have time

Sunday, 12 October 2014

new link if you like colouring

hi my crafty friends ... just been directed to a super site for colouring pages ...

hope you all have fun and find something you like ... I certainly will be printing off some pages for my lovely grandchildren to colour in ...

this is Kate the editor of the blog ...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

its snowing !! :)

Ok ... I seem to have snow ... dont know if it is too much ... only seems to fall in my side  bar tho !! ... not sure why !!

I will keep at it ...

have a great TGIF everybody

It's Christmas ... well soon anyway :)

hi there my crafty friends ... ho ho ho ... christmas is coming ... well in 76 days lol

I have to start on my christmas cards ... but thought I would get in the mood and change my blog around so it is more festive ... could have made a dozen christmas cards while I have been doing it ... but had fun anyway

thank you for stopping by ... if you care to leave a message I will visit you too xx

Monday, 6 October 2014

get well soon card

a little get well soon card for my dear nephew ... he was playing footie (much to his new wife's disgust) at the weekend and has now broken his ankle

ouch ...

so just had to make a little card to wish him well ... ooo and the image came from here

thanks Angie xx

thank you for stopping by ... its an awful day here ... has not stopped raining all day 

have a great week

Sunday, 5 October 2014

a commissioned card - special instructions

tagxedo card

hello my crafty friends ... really pleased with this little card ... made for my mother in law to give to her daughter ... she loves tagxedo but has never managed to do it ... sent her my special instructions too but she has not been successful yet !! she also loves pink and perfume

hope you are having a great weekend ... beautiful weather here today but they say rain tomorrow !!

have a great week xx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

a little birthday card for Amy

hello my crafty friends ... hope you are having a great week

its tgif tomorrow ...

made this little card for my granddaughter Amy ... unfortunately we do not see her anymore since her Mum and Dad (my lovely son Shaun) got divorced ... such a shame ... but I always send her and her sister Chloe a birthday and Christmas card ... guess she still likes pink

as you can see it is a gate fold card and the inside is very pink tooo ... but could not get a photo with it open ...

thank you so much for visiting me ... and if you have time to leave a comment I will return the visit xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

sorry ... not a card ... just a little fishy story :) please dont look if you are squeamish !!

wow my lovely golfer son just phoned to ask Dad ... how to gut fish ... yuk

he has just been fishing and caught three enormous fish ... guess we having trout for tea then ... please dont look if you are a bit squeamish

Thursday, 18 September 2014

hi there my crafty friends ... its awful black ere !!

looks and sounds like we are heading for a bit of a storm ... the skies are black and I can hear thunder rumbling about ... ooo scary

anyway just managed to find time to upload a couple of new cards ...

hope you are all having a great week and thank you for stopping by ... if you care to leave a comment I will return the visit :)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

a couple of little cards

can't believe how organised I am ... these cards are not needed for a couple of weeks and I have made them already lol ... I am usually panicking at the last minute

hope you are all well and having a great week

happy birthday to a dear friend who loves doggies

 actually the circle sentiment says happy birthday ... but it has not scanned very well
happy birthday olly from mother-in-law

happy birthday to my mother-in-laws daughter-in-law
 wow that was a bit of a mouth full !! :)

I love this little birdie card
sorry cannot claim credit as it was made by somebody who worked in a craft shop
and put it in a dump bin to sell along with another lot of lovely bits ~ how could they eh ?

anyway thank you for stopping by my friends and if you care to leave a message I will visit you xx

Monday, 8 September 2014

having a little bit of a tidy up now I have decided on my new blog design


having a little bit of a tidy up now I have decided on my new blog design and have realised that quite a lot of my "stuff" in my side bars were no longer working ... why did I not know that lol

anyway have deleted the old stuff and am now going to have fun finding new stuff to add ...

a lot of the links were from the old do-craft site so of course they no longer work

thought I would just let you know if in case you have not realised ... have fun

Saturday, 6 September 2014

two little birthday cards for Olly

good morning my crafty friends ... hope you are all having a lazy day (Saturday @ 9:30am)

Have decided to go with this blog design for the moment ... got too much other stuff to sort out so not much time to play lol

so here are my latest cards ... two little birthday cards for my lovely grandson Olly ... have not got as far as doing the inserts yet but got a few days for them ...

thank you for visiting and if you care to leave a message I will return the favour ... have a great day

Friday, 5 September 2014

ok ...

this one will do for the moment ...

be back tomorrow xx

ooo dont like this one much ... will have another go tomorrow

ooo told you ... it will take me a while lol

have a great weekend everybody

oh dear what has happened !!

seem to have lost all my posts ... this has happened to me before but cant remember how to get
them back  ............

thank you for visiting me ... sorry but guess you only have one post to view ...

Thursday, 4 September 2014

ooo feeling a bit sad today ...

ooo feeling a bit sad today ... it would have been my dear Mums birthday ... happy birthday Mum ... 85 today ... I went to Portsmouth Cathedral a place that she often visited to have a quiet moment ... and I lit a candle ... wanted to post a special one on here too

I know these birthdays and anniversary's are going to be difficult but I guess I am lucky to have had her with me for so long ...

and when we got home there was a large box of flowers on the doorstep from my lovely son who is working in America at the moment ... the card just said thinking about you today Mum ... ooooo so I had another little cry lol

anyway Mum is now in a better place with my dear Dad and younger sister ... bet they are having a ball

thank you for visiting me