Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Hi there ... oops sorry I have been MIA ...

Hi there ... oops sorry I have been MIA ... don't know where the time goes … and I don't even go to work … heaven knows how I ever managed to do that lol ...

have you all got over the Christmas ho ha … we had a super time and then my birthday straight after … wish I had a birthday in June/July maybe I could have two … oh no then I would be older that's no good ha ha anyway have just made two little birthday cards for my amazing granddaughter Grace here is a photo of her on her horse (well part shared horse)

Image may contain: 1 person, horse, tree, outdoor and nature
Gracie on her "shared" horse Tardy

oops sorry that is a wee bit big anyway she is hoping for a horse for her birthday ... well she can but hope lol and below is the birthday card I made for her ... can you see a resemblance in the horse

Gracies 13th birthday card from great Nan 

thank you for popping by I promise will visit you real soon xx

Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New year to you all

Hi there my crafty friends just popping in to say I wish you all a happy healthy and prosperous new year but most of all good health 

thank you so much for visiting me throughout the year and leaving such lovely comments ... hope you have a fantastic evening 

Friday, 28 December 2018

happy birthday to me ...

Hey … people its my birthday … another year older and another year wiser as they say …

got the family coming over later for a little get together … hope you all have a great day … and happy new year to you all

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all my crafty friends

Hi there my crafty friends … I made a little card to wish you a very Merry Christmas just love this image and have used it many times this year.

Hope you are all nearly organised … going to dash up to the village in the morning to get any last minute bits ha ha 

Thank you for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments on my cards throughout the year it means such a lot.  just to say have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

A little retirement card

Hi there … just finished a little retirement card for my dear sister.  She has enjoyed a long time at her present job as a teaching assistant but is now retiring.  I don't think she really wants to leave but has given in she texted me last night and said she was feeling very strange about it all.

A little card made using Tagxedo word cloud

I actually loved making this little card and as I have said recently makes a change from the Christmassy ones which are all posted off now.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Hi there hows it going my crafty friends

sorry haven't posted for a while … been kinda busy !! know what I mean … wow where does the time go eh ? … still got a lot to do but my cards are all done and dusted and posted that was easy

here are a few of the ones that are already in Mr Posties hands … there were a lot more but I keep forgetting to take photos

hope all is well with you all its going to get colder again but I don't mind the cold  … much better than the wet and dark days

have a great week off to have a lookie at your crafty creations

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Happy Anniversary dear hubby

ooo its our wedding anniversary today … 49 years WOW … where did that time go ??

dear hubby surprised me by buying me a new wedding ring in the same style as my old one … I had never taken it off since our wedding day but took it off about a month ago as it didn't really fit and I was scared it would get stuck on my finger.  My dear Mum never took her wedding ring off she said it was bad luck to take it off …

Well we had a trip to a jewellers and found out what my ring size was but couldn't find the same or similar one but actually found out the size I would need.

Anyway I heard the door bell go and then dear hubby crept in and got on his hands and knees in front of me and said "will you marry me" … silly sausage … I was close to tears but didn't actually cry … a little later when we were off to bed I said " did I say yes by the way" lol

here is the ring
my new shiny ring
my old ring that only just fits on my little finger

oh and here is the card I made him … next year is a biggie so I have told him to start planning !!

Sunday, 18 November 2018

A few little non christmassy cards

Hello my crafty friends  a few little non christmassy cards makes a change
from the snowy santa ones … I will post a few of those later

A new baby card for my Nephew 

A new baby card for my dear sister and bil for their new grandson

and two men cards … quite enjoyed doing these a bit of a challenge 

hope you are all having a great weekend … its a beautiful day down here in Waterlooville 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Oh my goodness ... my sister is 65 today

Oh my goodness ... my sister is 65 today how did we get to be sooo old lol

not a brilliant selfie … but a memory to keep

she has now given in her notice at school and she had a very emotional birthday at school yesterday

here is the little card I made for her. happy birthday dear sissie

Can you see the number on the shop … it is 65 clever eh ?? lol 

we both really enjoy Carole Matthews book and our favourite one at the moment is the  cake shop in the garden so I thought the little card ( recycled ) looked along the same lines … if you would like to try the book I am sure you will enjoy it too … here is a link to Carols website

 cake shop in the garden 

Friday, 2 November 2018

wow what a beautiful day in Waterlooville but we have had snow !!

wow what a beautiful day in Waterlooville but we have had snow in the craft room lol !!

I have had fun creating snow … saw it demonstrated on Hochanda … you slap a blob of gesso on your glass mat or similar and add a little water swish it around and then pick it up on a paintbrush tap it onto a pencil or similar over your card and you have snow …

ps hope you like all my technical jargon slap blob and swish etc lol

A few snowy cards

this is my favourite one

thank you for stopping by and if you can leave a message I will return the visit … have a great weekend xx

Monday, 29 October 2018

Hello my crafty friends hope you are keeping warm

Hello my crafty friends hope you are keeping warm what happened … it came on so quick.  I have not had time to get my boots and gloves out yet.

Had another couple of birthdays to make cards for … first one was for dear hubby Brian nickname BRIFLY … (Brian Flynn) he was 70 … yes that's 70 on Sunday cant believe it … we had a lovely family gathering and lots of fun and pressies.

Here is his little card from me
Happy 70th dear hubby

and then the other little card is for his sister … my sister in law at the end of November

Happy birthday dear sister in law from her Mum … my mother in law

this is how the butterfly started life

the second card was for my dear Mother in Law to give her daughter … my sister in law … I made a little black mark on the card so needed a butterfly then I found these "foam" butterflies in my stash … never really liked them they came with a big bag of flowers from "somewhere" lol sooooo I used my picked raspberry oxide ink on it and then embossed it with embossing powder and heated it up …

sorted lol

 and the last card was my sister in laws card from us

thank you so much for visiting ... if you have time to leave a message I will visit you too ...