Tuesday, 2 February 2016

a poorly aunt and one other

oh dear its all happening here ... and it is getting my crafty juices flowing !!

I said I would never buy another card when I started collecting all my crafty bits ... but it is getting very hard to keep up at the moment

we have a poorly aunt of 90 this year who is in hospital having had her gall bladder removed so two cards required for her

and also one of my dear Mum's friends has passed away too ... they were friends for over 50 years while their hubbies were serving in the RN ... we were all in Singapore together too hence the Chinese lady ... so lots of memories ... here is her card ... I made the bow with my new bowmaker its called a Stacy bow

thank you for stopping by ... and hope you are having a great week

Monday, 25 January 2016

two little mens cards

well quite enjoyed making these two mens cards ...

the first one is for my lovely son Shaun (from his grandmother) he is 45 ... WOW cant believe he is THAT old ...

the second card if for my nephew (from his grandmother again) ... and he is 40 ...

love the little list of card "needs" I always get from my dear mother-in-law she always insists on paying me too ... so keeps my card stock going lol

thank you for stopping by ... now gotta work on Shaun's card from us ... he was a valentine baby so got a while to sort it

btw I used my new cuttlebug die for the get fit topper that was kindly donated by Jackie my lovely crafty friend ... you can find her blog here  http://tinyrosecr.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/a-small-piece-of-art-for-friend.html

happy birthday Shaun

happy birthday Mark

insert for both

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

happy birthday to a lovely young person :)

a little happy birthday card to my mother-in-laws granddaughter ... I am quite addicted to those little black and white sentiments as you can see from my last two posts ...

I have emailed the creator of them but she has not got back to me ... I have had them quite a while and stumbled across them when I was looking for something else lol here is her blog ... you may find some interesting things on there


I hope it takes you to the exact spot x sorry I cant make it clickable

anyway here is the little card

happy birthday Laura

insert for Laura

thank you for stopping by ... if you have time to leave a message I will visit you too xx

Monday, 18 January 2016

oh dear poor mother-in-law is proper poorly

oh dear poor mother-in-law is proper poorly so had to make her a card of course and Gracie came round at the weekend and made one too ...

a little card to cheer mother in law up

insert for mother in law ... don't you just love that cheeky Doctor ?

Gracies little card to her great great Nan

Gracies insert ... love the bit about the phone !!

thank you for stopping by hope you all had a lovely day ... flippen freezing here

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

my darling granddaughter is 10

wow where did that time go ... darling Gracie is 10 ... I cant believe it ... she is well into Pandora so stood in a que in the shop on Sunday for 30 minutes to get the (g) charm for her bracelet that she chose herself  ...

I went to the shop three times as the que was horrendous and if it was for myself I would have returned another day ... but on the third time I decided to wait !!

I have put an invitation in the card for her to come shopping with me to get another one too ... don't know what she will think of the ques ... maybe I can find out when they are not so busy !!

Gracie is 10 today

this is the (g) charm that she chose

insert for Graces card

invitation to shop with grandma

envelope for invitation

btw ... the card etc are all made from the pandora catalogue that I cut up ... DONT TELL ANYONE PLEASE !! lol

Saturday, 9 January 2016

a little card for a dear friends birthday

Hi my crafty friends ... well that was very complicated ... couldn't upload my photos for some reason ... 

but BINGO ... dun it lol ... 

this little card is for a dear friend so went a bit OTT ... 

hope you are all having a great weekend ... flippen wet here again 

thank you for stopping by xx


Thursday, 7 January 2016

oh my goodness ...

looks like I have been a very lazy blogger ... but I have been actually making cards ... just didn't want to post them because the recipients may have seen them before they got them if you know what I mean ... lol

the first card is for my dear crafty friend ... Jackie here is her blog


Jackie was kind enough to send me some dies when I got my first die cutting machine just before Christmas so I wanted her to be the first person I made a card for ... I also got a bow maker for Christmas so the pink bow was all my own work !! 

sorry it has come out a bit blurred ... not sure why think the bow was too big ... 

the second card was for my lovely hubby ... just to celebrate that it was 50 years ago since he joined the RAF ... he was posted to Singapore after a couple of years and that is where we met ... so couldn't resist a little card 

thank you for stopping by and hope you are having a great week

Monday, 21 December 2015

Fun at Grandmas house!

Hi this is Gracie i have been staying with Grandma today and we made lots of Christmas bits.

This was my Christmas wreath that my lovely Grandma helped me make. We also made some Salt Dough Christmas decorations and shrink plastic key rings. And all this time my annoying brother Olly was playing football on the Xbox. I hope you have all had a lovely day and a merry Christmas.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

our wedding anniversary card ... and a chance to play !!

ooo its our wedding anniversary on Sunday so had to make a card ...

and a chance to play with my new toy ... just got my first dye cutting and embossing machine ... a cuttlebug ... really enjoying having a play ...

here is my card ... hope you are all having a great week ... tgif tomorrow x

happy anniversary and its 46 years !!! ... WOW

Monday, 23 November 2015

here is the answer to my post below ...

here is the answer to my post below ... re what is wrong ...

I bought this paper pack last year in TK Max and although I used some of the bits last year I have only just noticed the spelling mistake ... this image is in the small father christmas tag top left of my card ... 

flip and I have already given my sister the card ... and she works in a school ... do you think she will notice lol

thanks for stopping by ... hope you are all having a great week xx

Friday, 20 November 2015

a little christmas card for my dear Sister

hello my crafty friends ... hope you have all had a good week ... it was a beautiful day here today ... even tho a bit cold but NO RAIN !!

I have just finished my dear sisters christmas card ... and wow noticed a big boo boo ... see if you can find it ...  it is not "my fault" ... and not in the insert ... (just a little clue)

Hope you will be able to see it !! ... I will let you know if anyone gets it right !!

thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend ... I am going to the Christmas Fayre at Portsmouth Cathedral with my sister ... we go every year and used to go with our dear Mum ... its something we promised we would try to get to every year ... looking forward to it ...

Have a great weekend xx

Sunday, 8 November 2015

please dont look ere if you are a bit squemish !!

Shaunies night out !! ...

as promised ... these are pictures of my Shaunie ... at his friends halloween/bonfire party ...

hope you don't have nightmares !! lol 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

happy birthday to my dear sister and !!

hi there my crafty friends ... oooo well its a yukie wet day out there and there is more on the way !!

so what better than to have a little play in my craft room

a little card for my dear sister ... and a card to say have fun to my son at his halloween party !! ... if I am lucky I may get to see a photo of his coz he is dressing up !! he is 44 lol

sorry about the photos ... my scanner is playing up ... so had to use the camera on my phone again !!

hope you all have a great week ... and watch this space for a scary photo of my dear Shaunie lol xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

okie ... here is hubbys birthday present ...

okie here is hubby's birthday present ... Jackie requested to see it ... dont think it was what she was expecting lol ... NO ... it was not a cruise Jackie ... lol

as some of you know and can see by the photo in my side bar ... my lovely son has had a little puppy called cookie ... she is a springer spaniel and we have been slightly tempted to get one toooo ... but Nooooo we are being sensible ...

anyway couldn't resist this little "door stop" and wrapped her in foil and called her biscuit !! ...

biscuit in foil 

                                                              and the reveal !!
what a little cutie eh ...