Friday, 7 January 2011

adding a little smile to a tilda

Magnolia Tilda faces courtesy of sophie ... see link below

By crankysophie
Okay, first off, another apology for having neglected this blog for soooooooooo long. The longer I neglected it, the more I forgot how to even post. *apologetic grin*. But the real reason is that I want to send tons of cards to my nephew and niece, and blogging takes time away from that.
But I have decided to come back just this once to show how I (and how you can too) draw noses and mouths (if you want) on the Magnolia children, otherwise known as Tilda and Edwin. Here’s a link in case you have no idea what stamps I’m talking about: Magnolia Stamps
Okay, so this is what I do…

Have emailed Sophie to ask her if it is ok to put this on my blog ... hope she does not mind ... I find it so much easier to add things to my blog otherwise I can never remember where I have filed them ... must be an age thing !! lol !!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Sandy! I am honoured beyond words!!! My blog is pretty much neglected these days so I am soooo happy that you have put this on yours!!
Sincerely, Sophie

sandy's crafty bits said...

ooo thanks for your reply sophie ... and thank you for agreeing to my posting your tutorial on my blog ... very kind of you
love Sandy xx

kay said...

thanks for the info sandy,x

Conny Hillgaard said...

Thank you soooooooo much.