Friday, 29 April 2011

the kiss !!!


ooooo did you watch it !!! ... the wedding I mean ... Hubby and I sat glue to it all morning ... we argued about who was making coffee and who was making lunch ... lol ... 

and if you missed it (cant imagine that you did) well here is the big kiss 


Vicky said...

Hiya hun...I was up at 6 this morning watching it lol...and it was magical to watch...and they both looked gorgous...and I loved the wee car they drove off in...ahhhhhh..

have a lovely evening...and what a stunning couple!

hugs Vicky xx

coops said...

hiya sandy.i managed to catch a rerun when i finished work.don`t they make a beautiful couple and i loved the more modern touches :D

xx coops xx