Friday, 8 April 2011

update on my dear Mum :)


Well thank goodness thats all over

Good news about my dear Mum ... she had her procedure (camera up the bottie thingie yuk !!)

and the good news is there is nothing wrong down there ... they are referring her for a cat scan to check other things out but at least we can believe that the bowel cancer has not returned ... the nurse specialist was so very nice and it was a very enjoyable day out coz believe it or not we actually went shopping afterwards lol

Wow I have been so worried about it all but now I can relax

thanks for popping bye my dear friends


Vicky said...

So glad your Mum is ok sweetie...have a lovely weekend and enjoy the nice weather too...

hugs Vicky xx

coops said...

so pleased your mum is ok sandy :D
have a fabulous weekend

xx coops xx