Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Elliott's poem rip

oooo so very sad ... my son's dear friends baby has just died ... he only lived for one month ... he had something that is called "Edward's Syndrome"

my son wrote a poem for him and I wanted to share it with you all hope you can all read it ~ sorry it has scanned a bit small but I think you can click on the poem and it will get bigger ... thanks for looking 

it makes me cry every time I read it and my son was in tears when he read it over the phone to me ...

gosh it makes you think just how lucky you are sometimes don't you think ?


pinky said...

Thats a beautiful poem your son has written, he has captured little Elliot's live within those very sentiment words. Such a sad time for the parents:(

Sarah said...

Hi there, such a sad occasion - altho a really beautiful poem. I just wandered over to your blog after you left very kind comments on my blog about my Less is More challenge cards. It's appreciated. Sarah