Saturday, 21 January 2012

please make sure your ticks are in the right box

 well I may have sussed it ... well Incy may have sussed it anyway lol

I was very worried lately as people had been unable to comment on my blog ... I was having a lot of visitors and no one was leaving any comments ... very upsetting to say the least lol

anyway incy that crafty little spider from do-craft has sorted it for me

if you are having the same problems please check out this link as "blogger" apparently have changed things around ... I have not recently altered anything well I don't think I have lol

it seems that we should all check our own blogs to make sure the tick is in the right box 


Wendy L said...

I have looked at mine too. xxx

Mau xx said...

Thanks SandyI found this worked for my blog last week, but still doesn't work for lots of other blogs, its other peoples Blogs I am having trouble with now, won't let me do anything on their blogs at all. One doesn't grrrr!!!!....seems Blogger is working on it though so thats something!!
hugs xxx

Wendy said...

Hi Sandy, I have not been able to leave any comments on your last gorgeous cards, hope this works this time...enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Wendy xx

Maureen said...

I have been and changed it on my blog. Thanks for the tip.

Lorna's crafty creations said...

Hi Sandy , I have managed to leave a comment at last as it wouldn't let me.. you have fab blog sandy
Hugs Lorna xx

rosie said...

thanks for the comment on my latest card in my blog