Saturday, 30 July 2016

on crutches !! flippen things !!

good morning my dear friends ... sorry have been MIA ... have had a few more problems ... lol

had a mole removed from my leg still waiting for the biopsy results but in the mean time the stitches burst and I had a gaping wound that had to be restitched ... yuk ... was told I should not have been walking on it !! ... but the trouble was no one told me at the time so I was going about my business as usual ... NOW I am on crutches for two weeks until the second lot of stitches are removed ...

crutches are an absolute nightmare !! ... but at least I can escape to the craft room and be busy in there ... SO I have been busy lol and here is the evidence

happy birthday dear friend

happy birthday to my mother-in-laws sister

sympathy card to a friend

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happy birthday friend
another friend birthday
another friend birthday

another sympathy card

 thank you for stopping by ... hope to visit you all today xx


Jackie Trinder said...

Poor you I am so sorry to hear you are on crutches Sandy. All your cards are gorgeous. If there is anything we can do just let us know. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Wendy L said...

Wonderful cards Sandy.

Hope you heal Ok this time, xxxx

ALI said...

Sorry to hear about the crutches but the bonus is you've made some stunning cards.

Alison59 said...

Sorry to hear about the crutches but it gets you out of housework and into the craft room ;-)

Great cards and glad to see you posting again :-)

crafty-stamper said...

Sorry to hear about your leg -but every cloud has a silver lining -no housework and mork craft lol-Beautiful selection of cards and love the sympathy ones
Carol x