Friday 8 July 2022

Prom time

well as I promised there would be a few more photos here they are 

my beautiful granddaughter Grace and grandson Oli ... ooo 
love em to bits 

                   transport Graces favourite car ... no idea what it is 
                                                                    Grace and friends 

sorry for the photo overload but as I said previously it is an amazing day 

Monday 27 June 2022

wow two posts in one day ... good for me eh ??

anyway the reason for my second post is ... I had a bit of a problem with mother-in-laws card (see post below) as I couldn't find an envelope for the bigger card ... I must admit to having more than one envelope making thingie ... but was in a hurry so remembered a link on my side bar for making "any envelope" soooo easy and here is the finished article ... 

have a go if you are stuck for an envelope ... its worth a try and here it is the card measures 6x8 inches of course dont do metric ha ha 

its prom time !!!

Its prom time !!!

never had it in my day but my dear granddaughter is full of it ... special dress and accessories and a special car !! 

well here is the card I have made for her ... her dress is blue so thought it would be a good idea to do the same in the card ... here is a photo of her in her dress ... I expect there may be more to follow ... sorry ... please bear with me it apparently is an amazing time for her 😀 xx

Grace in her prom dress

                             and here is the card I made for her ... 

also here are a few family cards that are due ... thank goodness I have cards to make coz things are a bit stressful here at the moment with mother in law problems ... I just love escaping to my "happy place" to  play 

                  two similar cards for our lovely daughters-in-law

                                one for our brother - in - law 
                           mother in laws 98th birthday card 
                                          for a dear friend 

                                        for a super grandson

thank you for stopping by and I will visit you if you can leave a message ... enjoy your week ... mine seems to be going downhill rapidly 😒😒😒 xoxoxox

Saturday 18 June 2022

Hi there ... hope you are well

Hi there ...  hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weather ... been a bit cooler here in Waterlooville ... WOW yesterday was an absolute scorcher ... 

Been very busy looking after mother in law but managed a few cards that I would like to share with you all ... these are all requested by mother in law ... she certainly keeps me busy 

Just to say thank you for stopping by and not forgetting me ... I will try to visit you all this weekend ... 

oh and happy fathers day tomorrow to all those fathers here 
or in our hearts 

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Hello my dear friends ... have you forgotten me ... I haven't forgotten you but been kinda busy ... having a few problems here but not gonna moan about it ... a lot of people have a lot more problems than me ... 

I promise I will get to visit you soon ... take care all of you 

just wanted to share a few cards I have been making ... I have to escape to my happy place when I can don't I ?? 

thank you for visiting me and for any comments you can leave take care and stay safe ... 

Friday 4 February 2022

hello there my crafty friends ...

hello there my crafty friends ... well its a while since I've been here ... so sorry bit tied up at the moment but am always thinking of what I should be doing on here ... 

here are a few little cards I have made ... thank you for popping by and hope to get to visit you too ... take care and stay safe 

I found an old map and decided to make my nephew a card ... the area I took from the map is Worthing where he lives ... may have to do a few more men's cards like this ... different eh ??